Successful Life With Freelancing:

                                                         Stay at home and earn online

Since the development of the internet and greater connectivity among the people and the country, there has been a tendency of working or offering services on the net at competitive rates. It has grown a flourishing business in the last decade or so.
People who got some kind of skill or expertise sell or market their products or services. Based on this, the buyers and sellers are on the internet market platforms to accept or offer services at the rate decided between them.

The question is how does it function or make it possible to deal with it while not knowing the person at another end.

There is a number of platforms where the buyer or seller signup to create an account or register themselves. Like Fiverr, guru.com, people per hour, freelancer.com, Upwork, etc. The most popular being Upwork, Fiverr, and guru. Some platforms require to get some work contract within three months of registration else the account is suspended

 I have worked on Fiverr,  Upwork and got registered also on freelancer.com, guru.com, people per hour. I found Fiverr is the best option because it is just like a shop where you put your product on shop and anyone who wants to buy your product or service, he gets in touch with you. Here you make a gig of your service mentioning therein rate and skills. 

If anyone wants it, he makes a message through the Fiverr platform and you discuss the detail after which an order is created and accepted.

The payment is guaranteed as it is kept with the Fiverr platform and released only if both parties are satisfied and there is no cause of dispute. If the client is satisfied he gives you rating from a single star to five stars and similarly the seller has also to give his review rating.

But my experience on other platforms are not good rather I lost much money, Specially on freelancer.com , people contact you through email and ask for a 20% security fee refundable after completion of work, but it is only when the task is assigned to you so you are going to lose this security money without doing anything and even the forums dispute center did not help you.

Similarly, I got myself registered on one of the platforms, in the first few months, I did not get any task, and my registration was canceled temporarily after three months;. Later in a new category, I got myself registered with a new ID email and I got two works simultaneously. I did those two tasks in a single day. After getting my work the one client canceled my order without any notification and the other client rejected my work saying that he deleted my work also but neither paid me nor returned my work. 

The money that he had deposited with Escrow was also refunded on my request to him. I referred both the issues to the dispute center but to date, nothing came out and no one helped me. 

In my view the best platform is Fiverr were depending upon your skills like graphic designer, transcriber, writer, voice over or any other skills you after creating an account in Fiverr make a gig just like a slide describing your skill and rate along with a visual and o on buyers request tab where you find someone asking for some particular skill and you bid the buyer and briefly give him your skill if he is convinced he will ask your gig and so the order' offer and acceptance proceed further.

However for freelancer i would recommend excelling your potentials as a transcriber, if you can understand and write English well after listening to the audio. It is highly payable and there are sites for transcribers, Such as go transcriber, scribe, etc. But here one has to pass their written and audio test to qualify as a transcriber, but it provides a very good source of income for freelance transcribers.

In all such market platforms of freelancers work, the main advantage is you are not an employer of anyone rather you work at your own pace, time, and convenience. You do not have to follow the office discipline and punctuality. Owing to this there has been a great trend of freelancing  those who have established themselves in freelancing they quit the job. Now under pandemic the interest in freelancing has generated many times and more and more people are actively engaged in this freelancing market, rather they are earning much and enjoying their life very well.

So all the freelancers, please be careful and be selective in clients and the platform just in the grab of getting work, don't waste your energies, time, and money.

Besides this the freelancers can also work on creating their youtube channel and developing their website through WordPress or Blogspot for designing and hosting websites. If the contents are unique and not copyright rather any cut and paste material can get an approval of google AdSense and a regular income can be generated if there is enough  traffic on your website or youtube channel. But for this, you have to take care of various current trends which the people like and search on browsers.

For which you must be well aware of SEO and keyword search which means what the people are searching on search engines use those words as much as possible so that your website or youtube content also come in search and people can easily find the website and is it accordingly.

Under the pandemic everyone must explore the opportunities to stay at home and use their potentials and skills to work from home as there are a lot of avenues which only need resole and determination because no business or work can reach a new horizon unless and until there is consistency and treading the right path. But what is needed is the sill which one can encash and use to get the work done in a professional manner. All you need is a computer, uninterrupted internet connection

But above all, stay connected with social media sources and platforms and be watchful of the people or clients because cybercrime and scams are also rampant and we cannot trust everyone blindly. The first thing is the selection of a credible platform, secondly, it must be seen the payment history of clients and verified payment methods before committing anything.

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