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PDM is now a sinking ship

 PDM was formed as a joint opposition forum by three big political parties joined by other smaller and regional parties to start a coordinated and planned movement to to topple the present government of Imran khan's PTI.

The paltform was formed last year which was followed by some big and small gatherings of people from different walks of life. It was designed to launch a movement and march towards Islamabad , the capital of Pakistan to destabilise the governement.

The main objective behind the move seems to force the stoppage  of government's initiated actions against the corruptions of previous governments og big political parties PPP and PML(N) who enjoyed two regimes each and JUI also remained a part of these two governments.

Secondly,the lust for power was the second objective to achieve by deseating the present government.

Unfortunately,PDM crumbled before they can move and have a concerted efforts as the differences amongthe major parties emerged when the issue of resignation proposal came from PML and JUI was tabled.The PPP objected and said that Nawaz Shariff should be called back and secondly fear of losing sind govt were the major conflicting points which PML and JUI didnot agree because they have nothing to lose if they resign from the parliament.

The Sec.Gen issued  show cause to PPP and harsh exchange of words and fight surfaced.Now once again the efforts are on the way to unite them again and bring PPP  back to PDM but the PML(N) is divided into two camps one led by shahbaz shariff and other by mariam safdar nawaz Shariff's daughter who has taken a strong stance ahainst PPP.

Anyways, whatever be the situation, the fact is all parties aspire to hold the power in their hands and even if they succeed to deseat the present government of PTI,the inhouse fighting for reigns of power will be obvious probability.

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