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Turkish drama on Ertugul ghazi to revive turkish pride i


The high quality TV portrayal of Sultan Suleiman, Sultan Ahmed, Hürrem, Kösem and now Erugrul Gazi in the light of Edogan's neo-Ottomanism definitely serves two purposes at least. 

The first purpose is the popularization of Turkey's Ottoman past among the Turks which is supposed to trigger their pride in their history before Ataturk too, because a few decades ago the Ottoman era was relatively neglected and the Turks prided themselves mainly in the republic alone. 

Erdogan dislikes that, and he is making sure to change that. It also indirectly legitimizes increased Islamic rule over Turkey. The second target is the international audience because the Turkish TV series are now huge, including historical dramas. I would say that internationally, it aims to familiarize societies with Ottoman era and with Turkish culture in general in order to exert soft power and maybe even trigger some emotions and nostalgia towards Turkey in some societies. For example, Bosnia and Albania would be the most vulnerable to such an outcome. 

I can tell you that I got into googling a lot about the Ottoman history solely because I got into the Magnificent Century series. Then I was cheering for Mustafa to win the throne and got emotional when Selim killed Bayezid (in the show). 

Meanwhile, it is a fact that tuskish has a history ti pride themselves and their ottoman rule has a significant history to mention about as it ruled a vast area and brought cultural,social and political transformation.

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