How the American troops withdrawl is likely to have lasting consequences


The Afghanistan conflict is about to reach its culmination after Biden expected announcement of American troops withdraw from a hard terrain which has proved to be the toughest and longest American war on foreign land.

The American involvement along with its strongest ally Britain and NATO forces started in 2001 when Bin Laden attacked America's twin powers which shooked the whole world and the world has changed then. Though the theory has since been circulating it was just an excuse to enter afgan soil to chase bin Laden and the Taliban. As the Afghan soil has always been a keen interest for capitalists to block the advances of communist influences and to contain them within their boundaries.

It is still not certain that withdrawal of American and Allied forces will in any way ensure peace and tranquility in the region especially on Afghan soil.Despite all out efforts to counter the Taliban and restore national pro-American govt. the Taliban still hold control of the majority of rural areas and their os eery likelihood that the conflict between the opposing forces will intensify and all the money, material, and loss of civilian and military lives along with large scale devastation and sufferings will be wasted away without gaining any strategic objectives.

The American president Joe Biden has set the unconditional withdrawal of troops by Sept 11, while America is also celebrating July 04 as American Independence day which is colliding with deserting Afghanistan day.

Britain has been silent owing to political embarrassment and security reasons and not criticizing the American unilateral decision of withdrawal. The fact is everyone is well aware that there will be no peace and ceasefire which can warrant peace and tranquility and continuity of progress in Afghanistan to ensure American interests in the region.

A great catastrophe is in sight in Afghanistan and will still be terror mayhem and disintegration. Civil war is very much imminent which is of great concern for the world community.  ven former afghan President Hamid Karzai expressed his pessimism that decades of infighting and American involvement on Afghan soil has failed to address terrorism rather it has caused to increase extremism and failed to root out the evil cause rather there is total chaos and failure.

In recent weeks the Taliban has gained strength by capturing more rural districts while NATO troops being in low morale have surrendered themselves before the Taliban insurgents and President Ghani seems to be helpless as local armed militants are re-engaging themselves and started struggling against Taliban as of the 1990s. Biden has assured Ghani of continuity of financial assistance and support but how will it counter the extremism in the absence of bases in its bordering countries and ultimately US aircraft and drones will not be able to provide needed offensive against the Taliban.

We can't think that America will tolerate free-roaming of Taliban on Afghan land, while people in Afghanistan are anticipating increased anarchy and civil war situation between the various factions after American troops withdraw. Further whatever gains in the form of infrastructure, health education and civil rights will be damaged badly. The sacrifices will be a total loss and the process of enlightenment and progress in Afghanistan will be turned around.

It seems that this ill-conceived misadventure is subject to stern criticism by the historians and no other country in the present, the scenario would like to face the embarrassment by gambling again in Afghanistan.

Hence AFGHANISTAN WILL POSE A continuous threat to the world community and will keep on haunting the American policymakers for their bad adventurism. American defense secretary Rumsfield admitted before his death recently that it was immeasurable and lethal action which has put America at a great loss in terms of men and material and war cost and irony of fate is no one will be held to account for this great misadventure.

The withdrawal at this juncture will invite new security threats for central Asia besides large-scale economic consequences.

The ongoing power struggle among different interest groups and political factions, as well as growing Taliban power, will likely affect the American equilibrium very badly while external forces will try to bridge up the gap for their regional interests and power games.

Resultantly weakening of central govt and emergence of radical groups are imminent

Deepening of internal conflict and weakening of northern borders control will invite eternal forces for destabilization.

An increase in contraband and drug trafficking and such illegal business may be promoted once again.

The international investment for infrastructure and development will not be forthcoming which has been vital for economic growth and stability.

The growing trade relations with other countries and economic stability will not be ensured.

So in short the conflict is not likely to subside rather it maybe ignited again and all the damages infighting devastations and losses will simply be reversed.,


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