Let us eat, release our frozen assets, afghanis protest

Let us eat, Release our frozen assets,afghanis protest, protestors in kabul call US to release their frozen assets.
Let us eat, Release our frozen assets,afghanis protest

A protest in Kabul, December 21, 2021 /CFP

Afghan's frozen assets of the banks must be released and donot let us starve to death.This was the demand of hundreds of afghani protestors who were protesting with placards in their hands in front of US embassy in Kabul.

The banners and placards read as "The people are raising their voice for hunger" and "Let us eat" .

In august US froze $10 billion  reserves of Afghan Central bank.

There has been acute food insecurity in the war torn country and about 22.8 million Afghans face this level while 8.7 million are at emergency level as per World bank  food report.

The solution of such a growing food crisis lies in release of afghanis frozen asstes by USA as also stated byAfghanistan's Acting Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi.The world community and the US government must consider the financial and food security being faced by afghanistan government while the two are no more in direct conflict and want peaceful and stable afghanistan.

The US government has frozen around 10 billion dollar in  august  when Taliban took control of the government The US government felt the presence of terrorist groups on afghan soil and wanted proactive measure to combat those groups.
                                                                The concerns of international community are very much true but freezing of assets will further aggravate the financial and food insecurity.

In his letter this was also written by Muttaqi, "We are of the belief that freezing Afghan assets cannot resolve the problem at hand neither is it the demand of the American people, hence your government must unfreeze our capital," .

"We are concerned that if the current situation prevails, the Afghan government and people will face problems and will become a cause for mass migration in the region and world, which will consequently create further humanitarian and economic issues for the world," he added. 

The afghan government and people are facing economic challenges which are getting worse and freezing of asstes as restraint and demand for combating terrorist groups cannot solve the issue rather it may cause mass migration from afghan soil and will pose another challenge for international community.                           
These assets belong to Afghanistan and should be used for Afghanistan, This was also stated by china's deputy permanent representative inUN Geng Shuang .China has growing influence and trade relations with Afghanistan and is vocal in her stand for afghanistan .

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