Omicron is a different variant than earlier variants.

Omicron is a different variant than earlier variants. It is the most rapidly spread virus and varies in symptoms. The world is facing another challenge.

Omicron is a different variant than earlier variants.

The world community is facing another variant of corona known as Omicron which according to scientists is quite different from the earlier variants since it broke out. A year ago we saw a deadly disease caused by  Corona and death rates all over the world was alarming and in the UK  it was too high and it is history now, while  Omicron is different in this respect, a leading immunologist Sir John Bell, regius professor of medicine at Oxford University said.

The hospitals which were overcrowded by the admissions owing to this deadly coronavirus, the situation of hospitals and admission data and the stay are much less caused by this new variant Oicron which is not such severe and the oxygen need or respirators are not much needed. The average length of stay is also down to three days and patients affected go home safely as per the reference of an immunologist. 

On new year's eve, celebrations will be held worldwide while we have this new variant which is a rapidly spreading variant though less lethal but this does not mean ignoring government legislations and SOPs, which should be followed continuously and all instructions in this respect must be adhered to. Though it is less mild but rapidly transmissible causing higher hospital admissions and deaths too.     

In a BBC breakfast talk, the NHS Providers CEO, Chris Hopson, said it was as yet hazy what might happen when contamination rates in more established individuals began to rise. as we may have great interaction and mixing on the events of christmas and new year gatherings  so we as a whole are as yet holding on to see, are we going to see a critical number of expansions as far as the number of patients coming into the clinic with genuine Omicron-related illness,".

Owing to christmas and new year celebrations the hospital staff level is also much low as they are either on leaves or overburdened by the absence of staff. Their absence and shortage will pose a big problem in the wake of increase in omicron affected cases, if they happen to come to hospitals for treatment.

The respective  governments need to be vigilant and strict watch on omicron affected hospital admissions.

Still the governments have done a lot but cannot ignore altogether the increasing number of cases despite there number of case being admitted and discharged in few days time is satisfactory, but still a close review must be carried out .If there is any sudden increase   a proactive action will be required.

Since, we still remember last years horrifying and premature deaths of young and old in millions but that is history now. we cannot think of that situation to rise again because we are now more conscious of SOPs and vaccine improvement and implementation programme to save the hjman life.

People still believe that what we have faced by corona delta and alpha the fact is deaths did occur and so is the case with omicron,we cannot say deaths are not happening ,actually we are vaccinated now and thats why death rates are comparatively low.Else it is still lethal and killer virus.

With the outbreak of this new variant ,the people are showing responsibility by staying at home and following SOPs to protect themselves and to continue their economic and social activities with restraint  This is ofcourse a good sign on the part of the people.

After christmas and new year celebrations the data about the affected people will clearly tell us its spread and repurcussions of this new variant and the coming weeks will be crucial to analyze the intensity.

The disease is fatal and still prevalenta and not going away. Ultimately, we’re going to have to let people who are positive with Covid go about their normal lives as they would do with any other cold.The people should keep doing self isolation and cannot go back to lifestyle they used to have before pandemic.

Covid is only one virus of a family of coronaviruses, and the other coronaviruses will generate new variants typically every year or so, and that’s almost certainly what’s going to happen with Covid

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