Desecration of Holy book and religious places grave challenge for peace


Desecration of Holy book and religious places grave challenge for peace

Recent incidents of church burning in Muslim country though condemn able but it was followed as a reaction of earlier incidents of desecration of Holy Quran.

Immediate strict measures are needed to curb such acts as it may create hatred and disdain among the followers of Christianity and Islam.  

The world is already under great stress and challenges to address and such religious outrage will be a great threat to the peace and harmony of world community.                                     

Earlier in some of the Europeon countries like sweden France etc have been reportedly hurting the feelings of muslim community either b burning of Holy Quran or making carricatures of Holy personalities since long.

Recently two incidents of desecration of Holy Quran one after the other took place in Sweden and it was a time when Sweden needed Turkeys support for her entry in NATO alliance which infuriated the Turkey and 57 member countries of OIC.

The question is why such repeated incidents occur and that too in developed and educated societies? The question also arises why desecration of other holy books revealed upon earlier prophets whom other communities believe and follow, donot occur?

This is owed to Muslims belief on such revealed books at different times upon different prophets, so those books also hold sacred to Muslims.

But such attempts of desecration seems to be deliberate or conspiracy by some disgruntled elements, who want to create disharmony and hatred.

OIC Secretary General Hissein Brahim Taha  while condemning the incidents said that some transnational laws must be developed  and executed to prohibit the religious abomination including the desecration of Holy book by miscreants.

The OIC strongly condemn that such incidents provoke protests, demonstrations coupled with hatred and extremism, which is not in any way good for any society and community.

The religious leaders and world community though condemn and their responses are appreciative but this need strong and consistent efforts for regulating and curbing such hateful acts.

Still, Sweden is known for its commitment to mortal rights, religious freedom, and promoting forbearance and respect among different religious and artistic groups. The Swedish government has a history of condemning acts of religious dogmatism and promoting interfaith dialogue.

Iran’s foreign ministry summoned Sweden’s charge d’affaires to condemn what it said was an personality to the most sacred Islamic holiness.

The world community on Saturday equivocally condemned the profanation of the holy Quran in Sweden, calling it an act of racism, internationalism, while the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation( OIC) would be convening an exigency meeting on the matter coming week to take a united stage.

The European Union joined several Muslim nations in condemning the rearmost incident by a man, who fled from Iraq to Sweden several times agone

The act has drawn strong review from several countries, including Pakistan, Turkiye, Jordan, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Iraq and Iran.

In its communication, the EU said the profanation of the Holy Quran or any other holy book was “ descent, and discourteous and a clear act of provocation ”.

“ instantiations of racism, internationalism and related dogmatism have no place in Europe, ” Nabila Massrali, the EU prophet for foreign affairs and security policy, said in a statement.

“ The EU joins the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in its strong rejection of the burning of a( dupe of the Holy) Quran by an individual in Sweden. This act in no way reflects the opinions of the European Union. ”

She added, “ It's indeed more deplorable that such an act was carried out on the important Muslim festivity of Eidul Azha. ”

The international community should work towards culture of religious forbearance,promote harmony, respect for each others religious feelings and values.

Under the garb of freedom of expression, it is a known fact such incidents mostly reported in developed and civilized societies. We know that societies have different mindsets of people with different backgrounds and psychological insights that may cause to trigger such incidents but the respective governments need to act promptly before it ignites.

Though Sweden government rightly decided to construct a mosque on the site as a goodwill gesture to cool down the Muslim hard feelings, which is a welcome move.

The reasons for religious dogmatism can be multifaceted and vary from one country to another. Some factors that have been linked as implicit contributors to religious dogmatism or demarcation against Muslims in Europe include

Internal Factors literal events, similar as conflicts or pressures between different religious or artistic groups, can impact present- day comprehensions and stations. literal grievances or conceptions may contribute to religious pressures.

Sociopolitical Factors Socioeconomic difference, artistic differences, and political developments can play a part in shaping public opinion and stations toward Islam and Muslims. profitable query, fear of terrorism, and political rhetoric can occasionally complicate negative comprehensions.

Lack of Knowledge and Misinformation Limited understanding or misinformation about Islam and Muslims can contribute to conceptions, prejudice, and misconceptions. This can immortalize negative stations or impulses.

Identity and Cultural Shifts In some cases, the adding visibility of Islam in Europe, whether through migration or growing Muslim populations, has led to artistic pressures or fears of artistic change among certain parts of society.

It's important to note that religious dogmatism isn't unique to Europe or specific to Muslims and Islam. Cases of religious dogmatism can be set up in different corridor of the world, and colorful religious communities have been targets of demarcation or violence.

Still more broader measures are needed to be taken to obstruct such happenings:

Education and mindfulness. Promote education and Interfaith dialogue to give and develop understanding and respect for beliefs of different communities.

Legal framework order. The world community should draft such laws or legal framework order covering religious freedom, discourage hate speech, incitement to violence and acts of desecration and execution of such laws effectively.

Dialogue interfaith. Encourage interfaith dialogue and cooperation between religious leaders and scholars to foster collective understanding and address misconceptions that contribute to such acts.

Promote Respect and forbearance. We must emphasize the significance of respect and forbearance in seminars, public conversations to embrace diversity, and promote a culture of inclusion.

Media Responsibility. Media should avoid sensation and should play their due role in shaping public opinion and avoid propagating content.

Role of religious leaders. They should work more with clear understanding for promotion of respect and peace among different communities within the societies as their significant role can shape and help fight revolutionary or extreme testaments.

Strengthen intercommunity bondage. Encourage efforts to bring different communities close together and foster relations of trust and respect to build structure conditioned to promotes social cohesion.

International cooperation. Fostering international cooperation among governments,religious leaders groups to address religious dogmatism asthma could lead to develop strategies, programs, for identifying the root cause leading to such acts.

Efforts should be directed to eradicate such incidents through sustained and collaborative commitment at all levels needed for inclusive and harmonious world.

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