Invasion of identities in nation states


Invasion of identities in nation states

Social transformation of communities and societies are going on the worldover , owed to communication networks and social media revolution . The world is in the real sense global village in which cultural and social invasion has actually been vigorously undertaken through the unarmed soldiers of course but equipped with information technology and social media platforms.

They are becoming social influencers in their own countries as well worldover۔ It has grown to such a level that it has become menace for every host country being uncontrollable and unbridled۔

Resultantly the societies and nation states are disintegrating inthe sense that countries are losing their cultural ، social، and religious identies as there is seemingly large scale of amalgamation and convergence going on۔

Rather norms، old traditions are being on the verge of extinction and like old civilizations، we will find them in our old heritage museums for the historians to study the evolutionary process of civilizations in different parts of the world۔

This is what we have seen in the process of moderation but in the past it was quite slow as against the contemporary advancement and cohesion owed to information technology۔

Though it is alarming for patriots or nationalists but the fact is it is beyond the control of anyone and we all are going to lose our identity except the religion may be the only distinguishing factor among states and nations۔

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